Milk Intensity Indicator ID-02

Milk Intensity Indicator ID-02
Milk Intensity Indicator ID-02

The unit is the simplest release of Milking Point Controller.


  • The power supply of the unit is provided from the standard power supply S-350-27 with a nominal output voltage of 27 (±2) V or similar
  • Maximum consumed current is 60 mA
  • The range of indication is from 1 to 999 kg
  • The discreteness of the indication is 1 kg
  • It is ensured that the indicators are maintained at short-term (less than 0.2 seconds) power supply voltage disappearance
  • Preservation of indicators is ensured at the expense of power supply failure
  • Overall dimensions – 145x80x40 mm
  • The block is made in the climatic design according to DEST 15150-69 and can operate at a temperature from 0 C to +50 C at a relative humidity of air from 60 to 80%, presence in the air of aggressive impurities NH3 – 0,05 mg / l, H2S – 0,015 mg / l, atmospheric pressure from 96 to 104 kPa
  • Degree of protection against external influences (International Protection Marking) – IP54.