Unit for washing machines WM-TURBO (BUAP-03)

WM-TURBO. Electronic Unit for Washing Machines

Automatic cleaning of all milking installations. Simple 4 button control. The Base unit is designed as a retrofit unit to replace current washers for stanchion barns and small parlors. The Unit is set up so that the existing external items (drains, divert valves, etc) can be used. The main washer control box houses the water valves, air valves (to activate the vacuum operated air injector) and divider valves. It has relays to run external items such as milk pump, air injector, chemical pumps.
Technical details are at “Service Documentation”.

Milk Portions Counter MPC-1000 (SPM-02)

It is used for milking systems such as “pipe-line”.
It has the photoelectrical sensor and the electronic unit. The electronic unit has the plastic sealed enclosure with 3-digit LED display that is clearly visible in the dark. Voltage supply voltage is – 24V. Milk counter reset is done by rising of a magnet to the unit body.
The counter is provided with autosave power mode. It allows to automatically memorize the data in case of power failure. The waterproof performance provides the high reliability and durability of the device.


Unint for manure scraping machines BUDS-01

Full automatic control unit of alley manure removal systems. Controller for automated cleaning barns (cattle kept) machines. Mechanical type is scrapper cleaning. Unit has motor and cleaning unit autocalibration , sheduler, mechanical power overfow control,  temperature control etc.


  • Powered by AC voltage 220 ​​V + – 20%.
  • Maximum power consumption – 30W.
  • Assumed the use with different types of drive motor and relay systems.
  • The unit has an automatic control of cleaning system by it programmed schedules and according to the air temperature.
  • The unit provides the load control of system and provides its protection against mechanical and electrical overloads.
  • The device has a real time clock and the timetable programming tools.
  • The unit has a sensor for monitoring the freezing of the system and perform preventive movements against freezing.
  • The unit has a software for system autocalibration, which automatically determines the static and dynamic mechanical properties of delta-scraper.
  • The unit is manufactured in climatic performance by IP-63.

Milking Point Controller BD-06

  • Milking point controller BD-06 provides for fast, easy, efficient milking, and gives you all the information you need in a clear and precise manner.
  • Power control valve acts as a system of milking equipment, milking measurement, identification of animals using RFID, ​​indication of current mikling parameters,  integration with milking machines.
  • The unit works with the manipulator (MD-F-1-02) or similar to it.
  • The unit is designed for carrying of electromagnetic milking pulsator.

Technical details are here “Service Documentation”.
The Features of the Unit are:

  • The multifunction button “Stop-Start”, which simplifies the work of milkmaids.
  • Automatic valve control of support of Milking machine.
  • The unit has buttons for input and output gates of milking parlor that enable personnel to operate them from any workstation.
  • The unit is designed for use in “Internet-Farm” and works with the systems of the central and local identification transponders.
  • The unit has a 6-bit digital display.